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Modern-Day Concentration Camps

Hi there, friend!

As a German, I visited the concentration camps in Auschwitz once.

​ A few of them still exist.

​ To remind people of the evil and brutal things the men did in the past.

The Dark Side of Mankind.

Naturally, I was very intrigued about a certain man’s story.

​ A jewish psychiatrist, who was thrown into the camps back in the days.

​ He survived.

Not only that, he finished a book which became an international bestseller.

​ And has given people hope ever since.

But hope is a weak feeling.

​ This book holds a story about purpose.

​ The book is “Man’s search for meaning” by Victor E. Frankl.

​ And there was one passage that struck me:

​ ​“Do the concentration camps prove that a human being is simply a product of his surroundings? Are we simply the sum total of biological, psychological, and sociological forces? No. The concentration camps proved that it is still possible to retain a “spiritual freedom, of independence of the mind” when all else is lost.”

​ And he goes further, “The prisoner who had lost faith in the future – his future – was doomed.”

​ What does this tell you?

​ Quite sinple.

Even in the worst of circumstances, being tortured with the most evil, inhuman, and injustice methods known to mankind, only wasting time to be gassed in a chamber where hundreds of humans died before you, you can still find meaning.

This is what this book is about.

​ Finding meaning in life in the worst situations.

​ You are reading this email, so I suppose you’re not in jail, or a concentration camp or similar evil things. Thank god!

​ ​But you are probably not where you want to be in your life.

​ You’re not facing physical death, but you may be facing the death of your soul.

​ Slaving away in the meat-grinder. Your 9-5 job, which slowly, year after year chips away at your soul.

You are at the mercy of your masters.

You don’t get to eat healthy food, because it is expensive, so you need to eat the shit you get.

Your days are planned. But not by you.

You have to work on things that help others achieve their dreams. But not yours.

​ ​You are not free.

​ If you were, you could just go on vacation for 4 weeks, and nothing would happen.

​ But you can't, can you?

​ Concentration camps still exist today.

​ But not literally as they existed here in Germany, back in the days.

​ They exist metaphorically, and they aren’t designed to gas your body. They are designed to kill your soul.

​ You are fed with high-processed food, porn, and videogames to keep your mind numb and occupied. So you never question your existence.

What do they gain from that?

​ It makes you a worker drone.

​ You are the best for the corporate world when you slave away all your years, and die as soon as possible after retirement. So they don’t need to pay pension, in which you put in tax-money for 50 years.

​ ​“Jon has received the Best-Worker-Drone-Award post-mortem after dying right after retiring.”

​ That’s the line on your gravestone.

​ But it doesn’t have to be.

​ Once you embrace your Shadow. ACCEPT it.

Figure out your deepest desires, unravel your soul, and find meaning regardless of the shitty circumstances you find yourself in currently.

Start changing your life TODAY.

Discover Your KING SPIRIT!

Talk soon,



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