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Jordan Peterson is wrong... sort of!?

Hello, friends,

I am a big fan of JBP, you all know that, but as I always say, "QUESTION EVERYTHING."

What I don't agree with is that "life is suffering."

That's also the buddhist idea, I know.

And I am by no means as enlightened as Buddha, or as successful as JBP.

But I disagree with that.

If life is only suffering, that's a shitty life.

JBP says you get to choose your suffering and I moreso agree with that.

Which means, you can CHOOSE to suffer all your life in a shitty 9-5 you fucking hate, with a woman that detests you at home, OR you can choose to CONQUER yourself, find your purpose and CREATE something of worth every day that is actually FUN!

This is why you absolutely NEED a purpose in your life.

I still, to this day, think this is the foundation of your life.

You might not be able to work on it directly, because you need cashflow first to make it happen.


But you need a GOAL, a VISION in life because that is a relentless DRIVING FORCE.

This is why I created the POWERFUL PURPOSE Course which is also on a 50% discount via this email for you guys, because we all gotta start somewhere!

Get it below and BUILD your life VISION, instead of suffering on a daily basis!


See you around,



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