Create Your Personal DREAM Wife (7-Step Course)

Create Your Personal DREAM Wife (7-Step Course)

Alexander Graves (selfconquering)

The Red Pill Doesn’t Work For You 

Any man wants a marriage with a woman that admires him, follows his lead, and is a whore in bed. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner and tired of not getting all the sex, love, respect and admiration you crave from your wife, this might be the most exciting message you will ever come across.

On the same token, if you are aware of the “red pill”, but you wonder how to apply it without losing your entire livelihood, then this message can save you thousands of hours and a great deal of embarrassment. 

You don’t want to lose your family and end up bitter, depressed, lonely, divorced and financially pumped. Instead, you want to be the best man, husband and businessman you can possibly be. With a wife who dresses sexy and feminine at home or outside. With a wife who shows her love and support 24/7. A wife who is hot for your d**k all the time. 

You want to be the hero of your life. Proudly talk about your successes at the christmas or thanksgiving table. Be THE MAN in the house. Godfather style.

I figured out how to get there. 

AFTER running into the trap of the red pill that basically transforms husbands into bitter, misogynistic and divorced men or single guys into P.I.M.P’s with a harem of women. Both alternatives were no options for me. 

And they are no options for you. Because if your wife doesn’t behave properly, you can’t just “drop” her for a week to withdraw attention. She will say goodbye, take the kids (if you have kids), drain your bank account and annihilate your achievements.

There are 5 definite rules to create YOUR personal DREAM wife. Out of the woman you already have at home. YES, ANY woman has a whore within her to fulfil your dreams. It's natural.

If every married man would apply these rules, divorce rates wouldn’t shoot through the roof. If every man would apply these rules, every wife would dress feminine, sexy and show her love with gifts, cooking, sex, lingerie etc. If every married man would apply these rules, sexual, submissive and respectful wives would be the rule, not the exception.

If every married businessman would apply these rules, no one would squander his entrepreneurial potential. 

Just look at a few of the most successful and admired entrepreneurs on the planet: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Gary Vaynerchuk, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro… They all have loyal and feminine wifes who respect them and most likely give them all the sex, support and admiration they want. 

Sure, there also are guys like Andrew Tate with multiple women. But guess what… He is not married. He doesn’t have kids. He doesn’t lead a family. Maybe he doesn’t want to. Maybe he will have a wife and a family in the future. What is sure is that IF he’s going to marry, he will know how to get everything he wants from his wife. 

Because here’s the truth: The red pill is real. But it doesn’t work for you as a husband. Now you’re finally going to discover what WILL work for you.

Who Is This Guide For?

This guide is for entrepreneurs and business owners who don’t get all the sex, love, respect and admiration they want in their marriage.

If you feel like your wife doesn’t believe you can provide, and sometimes is even cruel towards you, this guide is for you. If your wife makes subtle fun of you in front of friends, this guide is for you. If she doesn’t show you love… hugs you, cuddles and cooks for you, this guide is for you.

It is for you if you feel like your woman leads you or you are annoyed by her emotional outbursts. If your wife shit tests you or makes huge drama when you do something that does not include her.

Furthermore, this guide is for you if you can’t remember the last time you got sucked off. If your wife never wants sex on her own. Rarely dresses sexy, puts out and seduces you like you imagine her in your wildest dreams. If sex might happen, but starfish like about once a month: “Ok ok, there you go, put it in.” 

This is for men who feel like they are not even close to fulfilling their true potential as a businessman. 

Because here’s the problem: The relationship with your wife determines the quality of your business results. The issues in your marriage and in your sexlife are blocking your true entrepreneurial potential. You know it deep down:

Bad Sexlife = Bad Professional Life 

You are aware that successful entrepreneurs are highly successful because they are masters at manipulating their environment. Your environment is not just an important factor. It is the ONLY factor.

If you can manage to setup your marriage, sex- and family-life like YOU want it to, your professional performance and business profits will skyrocket. Your value as a man will shoot through the roof and you will maximize your potential as an entrepreneur.  

My core concept is that there is only one reason to be married. The reason is that your woman can be the modulator for your personal growth. The fuel to unlock your true potential as a businessman. 

However, you will never get everything you want from your wife and have it all if you continue to NOT fully involve her. If you continue to hide behind a mask. If you give up on your masculinity. Living a fake life where no one truly knows where you are and what you stand for. Where the king stays suffocated.

Because there is no king in history without a queen who knew his king inside out and supported him on his conquest and mission no matter what.

MY mission is to help men succeed in their own manhood, unravel their true character and be their unapologetic self. Because I managed to solve this problem myself and decided to share my solution with the world. Now is the time where we need strong men more than ever before. Now is the time where you need to unlock your true potential.

WITH the help of your woman. 

If you are even CLOSE to think that “divorce may be the only option”, please note:

Your woman is not your enemy. She is your partner. Your woman is not the problem. She is the solution. Only if you totally involve your woman you are going to unlock your true potential and become a man who has it all. 

If you want to learn HOW to finally get the woman of your dreams OUT OF THE WOMAN YOU ALREADY HAVE, click "I want this."

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