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The Conqueror's Forge

Harness Your DARK SIDE To Easily Manifest Desired Reality…
…Exactly The Same Way Society Sold Your Soul To Modern Slavery!

Start walking your own path to greatness and freedom TODAY.

Even if you currently lack courage, focus, purpose or resources.

“Everything You Want...
Is On The Other Side Of Fear”

That’s what the famous American author and multi-millionaire Jack Canfield once said.

One of the few things mainstream self-improvement industry ever got right:

It’s impossible to create ANYTHING of worth leaving the wheelchair of decisions up to fear.

Fear is like an invisible obstacle preventing you from taking decisive action. Action towards maximizing your potential as a man.

Fear prevents you from achieving greatness. Building something of value for yourself.

Becoming truly free in your choices.

Fear makes you unable to manifest YOUR desired reality.

This. Is. Intentional.

It's How Society Sold Your Soul To Modern Slavery:

“It’s just how it is… rich and successful people are born with unique talents and are gifted with special resources.”

Fear of being inferior. Although EVERY man has greatness within. Certain hobbies, interests or talents that can easily be monetized. Yes, you too.

“I wonder what to choose as a meaningful career-path.”

Fear of missing out on potentially more lucrative options. Shiny Object Syndrome. Even though you just have to take a broad decision once. Your plan will alter a thousand times. But the grass isn't greener on the other side. It's greener where you water it.

“I don’t know how to successfully launch a business.”

“I’m afraid of failure. I don’t even have the courage to take the first steps.”

Fear of making mistakes. A condition that's been instilled in your mind since the first day you entered school. Teachers rewarded you for not making mistakes. Eradicating your weaknesses instead of strengthening your strengths.

“I don’t want people to talk or think bad about me.”

Fear of being judged. HUGE misconception. The truth is: Nobody really cares about you. Only about what you provide. There's a saying: "In your 20's and 30's, you worry what other people think. In your 40's and 50's you stop worrying what other people think. In your 60's and 70's, you finally realize that no one was ever thinking about you in the first place."

“I cannot start my own ventures. My family depends on my paycheck.”

Fear of the unknown. And an excuse. You don't have to go ALL-IN immediately. Only when you're hitting the first substantial goals with your side hustle.

Do You Understand Why You're Still A Cog In The System? 

It’s the sheep-mindset:

Operating out of fear and scarcity.

Overthinking instead of taking determined ACTION.

Result: Feeling an inner void and the pressure to please everyone around you…

Without getting any respect and admiration for it.

Instead of operating out of CONFIDENCE and ABUNDANCE.

The deep belief that you’re capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. And ONLY pleasing the man in the mirror.

Not your current status quo?

Not your fault.

Your thinking was designed that way. Through decades of indoctrination by leftist western society.

But what if there's a way to unchain yourself from this indoctrination?

What if I tell you that you can use the exact same methods society is using to enslave the masses in meaningless careers...

To Easily Manifest Your Desired Reality?

I bet you’d listen.

And you should. Because it’s possible.

By harnessing your DARK SIDE.

You’re going to discover the exact 3-Pillar-Blueprint on how to do that in just a minute.

But first, have a look what over 50 members of “The Conqueror’s Forge” have to say:

“Is This A Cult?”

Quite the opposite.

It’s a counterculture.

Before I’m gonna explain…

Let me introduce myself: My name is Alexander Graves. I’m running the successful blog SELFCONQUERING.COM.

Before I started it, my soul has been captured by 9-5 slavery as well. Living life like 99% of people around me:

Finishing school, going to university, getting a “highly paid job”, marrying at 30, buying a house, putting money into a savings account, leasing a car…

And then surviving until death knocks on the door.

Of course, I got the same results like the majority of people following this blueprint to slavery.

Feelings of anger, resentment and missing out:

“Is this ALL there is?”

Luckily it’s not. I managed to leave my comfort zone, overcome my limiting beliefs and learned to let fear GUIDE me rather than restrict me.

What gave me the ability to choose my path, find my purpose and ACT ON IT mercilessly.

Removing any obstacle.

Now I’m running a successful business. Living life on my own terms.

How did I do it?

By harnessing my dark side.

I didn’t even know that I had it. But every man has it.

And every man who’s been extraordinarily successful in his area knows one thing:

It’s his dark side fueling his inherent drive to become better and better and better. Achieving greatness.

C.G. Jung called it “The Shadow”. For Elon Musk it’s the “First Principle”:

Boiling things down to the most fundamental truths and then reasoning up from there.

This is why I base my teachings in REALITY.

High achieving athletes like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or Cristiano Ronaldo actually admitted that it's their dark side that is responsible for their extraordinary achievements.

But What Exactly Is Your Dark Side?

It’s the quiet voice in your head who is telling you what you really want.

Not what you know is “right”...

It’s the lust you feel for things you’re not supposed to have. Your instincts.

Your deepest dreams and desires.

Being suppressed by society.

That’s why the only way to manifest them is by joining the counterculture.

Why counterculture?


Modern society is DOOMED. The current “pandemic” initiated the endgame.

That’s perfectly normal:

The good times of the last 40-50 years created millions of weak men.

Marked by mass consumption, artificial economic growth, third-wave feminism and hedonism: The pursuit of pleasure and happiness.

You’re not about to pursue happiness.

In fact, you won’t pursue anything.

Happiness follows consequently when you get the tools to become a man of greatness and freedom.

But a slave can't be great and free.

That’s why this is not a cult. I want to create free men. Who take decisive action towards THEIR desired reality.

Hence, you need to stop thinking. Overthinking ruins everything.

Every accomplished man knows that it’s instinctual and massive action that creates experience, results, self-belief and CONFIDENCE.

With that in place, you’re able to overcome any obstacle. Manifest ANY desired reality.

The only way to get there is by harnessing your dark side.


Not the role you’re playing all day.

So HOW do you actually harness your dark side?

The 3-Pillar-Blueprint To Harness Your Dark Side

Pillar 1: Find Your Purpose

What’s the purpose of western society? Totalitarianism. Absolute control while sacrificing freedom for the individual.

You won’t stop slacking if you don’t have a solid reason why, too. A reason to take massive action, no matter the circumstances.

Pillar 2: Develop A Resilient Mindset

You will fail. There’s no success without failure. Society knows that. That’s why they make you fear rejection and the unknown.

Instead, you should be afraid about not being on a conquest. Afraid of slaving your whole life away. A resilient mindset is what makes you overcome any possible obstacle. It empowers you to ACT on your purpose relentlessly. 

Pillar 3: Discover Your Dark Side To See The Light

Now you already removed every possible barrier to massive action. You know which path to choose. You set huge goals. While knowing that you will attain them. No matter what.

By utilizing 9 Dark Traits (see below). You’ve been told to not even think about them. Easier to control. Some use the traits for evil purposes. You’ll use them for good.

Result: Bend Reality To Your Will

How is it possible making 99% of people comply with modern slavery? By controlling their thinking. Setting frames. Nudging. Propaganda.

After implementing these 3 pillars, you’ve got all the mental models, strategies, skills and tools in place to create your desired reality as well.

Because each step comes with specific lessons and tasks. Making sure you have a guideline to follow. And making sure you’re ready to conquer.

The Price Of Inaction

What’s the conclusion?

1. You’re never going to become a man of greatness and freedom if you choose to keep operating out of fear.

2. You will stay an enslaved cog in the system if you choose to please everyone around you but yourself.

3. You will never feel any sense of accomplishment and you won’t create a legacy, if you choose to keep neglecting change.

The only thing you will feel on your deathbed is REGRET.

Because change is the natural state of life. What isn’t changing is dying.

Plants and trees grow. Men evolve and conquer.

Important: You won’t conquer anything by buying the next “Make Money Online” Course.

Hunting the next shiny object.

Instead of building a business which aligns with your hobbies, talents, interests and strengths…

Without worrying on how to provide for your family and how to pay your bills.

You don’t need lots of capital or resources to do that.

Greatness is not about resources. It’s about RESOURCEFULNESS:

Feeding your mind with valuable input to get your desired output.

But you need to build your foundation first.

Choose to conquer yourself, before you conquer the world.

That’s why I want you to join “The Conqueror’s Forge”.

In it, you’ll learn exactly how to implement my “3-Step-Blueprint To Harness Your Dark Side”.


By not only gaining the KNOWLEDGE and mindset to take ruthless ACTION towards your purpose…

But also the ACCOUNTABILITY to actually implement the knowledge.

Implement it fast. Persistently. To make real progress.

Then you will eventually achieve true greatness and freedom:

Transcending daily survival mode and not being answerable to anyone but your true self.

I want to guide you on that journey.

And give you access to a network of like-minded brothers who are all learning the same:

Harnessing their DARK SIDES to easily manifest desired reality. Without becoming evil, bitter or resentful during that journey.

Now it’s your turn.

Join “The Conqueror’s Forge” TODAY.

What Do You Get In Detail?

There are thousands of online courses sold to make a quick buck. Customers being left alone with the knowledge.

It’s not possible to get results without being held accountable. The following ensures you take the right action:

  • Access to the exclusive group via the Mighty Networks App and Telegram to have a brotherhood of men to bounce back and forth ideas and successes.
  • ​Monthly Live-Calls to answer all your questions, helping you to overcome every limitation and making sure you’re on the right path
  • Access to “The Conqueror’s Forge” Telegram Group where you get motivated by like-minded brothers having the same mission as you
  • ​Weekly videos exclusively for the Forge to deepen your knowledge about your dark side so that you manifest desired reality almost effortlessly
  • ​Articles which aren't shared anywhere else with deep and profound knowledge about the Three Pillars.
  • ​And much more... 

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The Conqueror's Forge

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