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Man, Mind, Meaning - UNLEASH the Man Within. On all Realms, on all Cylinders!

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Man, Mind, Meaning - UNLEASH the Man Within. On all Realms, on all Cylinders!

Alexander Graves (selfconquering)
19 ratings

Are you Tired of Being what OTHERS want you to be?

Do you feel like you're COMPLETELY removed from your soul? Is there a man within you in a deep slumber? And you have no idea how to unleash him again? How to be your unapologetic self?

The surface "man" you display every day is really not who you are? Or even want to be?

Don't worry, we will change that, with CUTTING EDGE technology!

You know men you look up to. But you don't know what exactly makes them so manly?

It's quite simple. They are their UNAPOLOGETIC Self! I will help you to get there!

I will be your mentor.

I will teach you the Cheat Code to the Matrix. The Cheat Code to being a Man.

The Man, Mind, Meaning Program lays out PRECISELY what you need to do to be 100% in tune with yourself.

To start loving YOURSELF and THEN love others. To get respect and admiration from women (where sex is just a byproduct, and lots of it). To ascend to higher realms. To USE the power of your cosmic mind to shape reality to your needs and wants.

To face your fears, your dark side, your deepest being, and accept it as a part of you without becoming a mysoginistic arsehole.

And what it takes to be absolutely comfortable with yourself. 

Society has lied to you for many years what a man actually is.

You can have a successful relationship as a Nice Guy (with boundaries), or the jerk, laying hotties. Who else judges this but you?

You can be successful working a 9-5 or be an entrepreneur. Who else judges what's right for you?

You can play videogames and still be successful (just be careful of addiction). Who else judges you about your hobbies?

You want to be Alpha?

Be YOURSELF. That IS the most Alpha you can be.

Unapologetically being yourself.

I have cracked the code.

After over five years of research in Masculinity and testing these things in my own life:

  • I managed to turn a dead bedroom around fully and got her to be even kinkier then when we started.
  • I built my own, successful business, helping thousands of men all over the world every day.
  • I harden my mind every single day.
  • I chill with my son EVERY afternoon after work for hours. Why? Because I love it. This IS me.
  • Found my path to Spirituality, higher consciousness, and raising my vibration to ATTRACT things into my life effortlessly.
  • Thousands of Followers on Twitter, Youtube, Instagram. I lead by example!

And this is just the beginning.

Subliminal Club MASTERY

Want to have it EASY af?

95% of our daily decisions, actions, and thus manifestations of reality, are driven by our subconscious mind.

We're not as logical as we think!

When you upgrade your subconscious mind, you automatically upgrade your life!

Wealth, sex, love, fame, discipline, fitness, physical shifting, spirituality, shadow work, healing (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), intelligence enhancing, cognitive abilities, making friends, becoming a wanted man, unlimited stamina in bed, WHATEVER YOU WANT.

Literally, with subconscious reprogramming, everything is within your grasp.

SubliminalClub is THE ONLY company that managed to put it all together.

I tested many subliminal programs, as well as that free stuff on Youtube. They don't work, or mediocre at best. SubliminalClub TRULY changes your whole life.

Within Man, Mind, Meaning I added written coaching for their products and technology. I am Forum Ambassador for them, in direct contact with the founders, and also was part of the private testing. I know EXACTLY how it all works.

Their technology is constantly evolving, so this is why I decided to add this monthly PDF Letter to MMM, so you get the best, don't overexpose yourself, learn how to do conscious guidance, and many other things!


The Masculinity Formula contains 52 POWERFUL lessons to understand:

  • Where society, peers, women, and even your own family lied to you (and WHY they did it (they cannot help it for a REASON))
  • "Do what everyone else does, get what everyone else gets." What are they getting? Sexless marriages, weak minds and no money. I tell you HOW to implement the opposite.
  • The biggest and most fundamental mistakes you are making with women and how to live a sex-filled, loving, and deep relationship with YOUR existing woman (yes, with her!).
  • THE ONE thing that drives EVERYTHING in your life as a man. If you have this implemented, everything else is kindergarten level.
  • Why many things are not your fault and how to USE that for your desired outcome
  • How to USE your emotions to DIRECTLY influence reality instead of being used by them
  • How to USE your sexual energy for GREATNESS and transmutation into creativity instead of solely focusing on pu$$y all the time!
  • The absolute simple, but powerful "life-hack" to understand what women TRULY say, from a man's perspective
  • How to be unbreakable confident and in tune with your inner raging fire of your masculine soul.
  • How to find access to your HIGHER SELF and find powerful spirituality.
  • How to find your soul, your deeper self, your REAL personality you never show anyone (and how I know that ;) )
  • Why You are as you are as a man. Why you want the things you want (and why it's OK!)
  • How to get the success and freedom you desire (you already know how, I will show you)
  • And much, much more!

Here are the first 30 modules:

  • Obey Brutal Reality
  • Start to OBSERVE (Marcus Aurelius)
  • Does it light up your soul?
  • It's not your fault, but...
  • The Victim Puke
  • Bad things are Good, here's how...
  • Nofap, Semen Retention, and... why?
  • Nobody cares about you and that's good...
  • Money is not your goal
  • Move the Temple
  • Memento Mori.
  • Narcissism Lite.
  • Your Dark Side
  • How to integrate the Shadow
  • Heal the Boy
  • Resentment is your Fault
  • Who You Are is AWESOME
  • Forget sex... (sometimes)
  • What you REALLY want from sex
  • Overcome fear of your needs
  • The Man's Edge
  • Masculinity is Tension
  • Silence is a Superweapon
  • Are you Your Friend?
  • You Need to Know Your Limits
  • The Feminine is not your Mission
  • Fail Forward.
  • Solitude is power.
  • Overthinking paralyses.
  • And 22 more!


I thought, "Why not throw even MORE into this whole thing?"

This is why you can NOW get my two most powerful courses as a part of this formula.

POWERFUL PURPOSE - Find Your Meaning in Life in 2 hours (usually $88)

Find Your Life’s Purpose TODAY. With the New Spartan Success System You’ll Get a CLEAR Plan On What To Do Within the Next 2 Hours!

Let Me Know How Quickly King Leonidas’ Ways Of Life Helped You Find YOUR Purpose In Life WITHOUT Failing 10 businesses, Wasting 5 Years, or Losing $10,000 – Guaranteed!

King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans had a purpose in life. ONE purpose. With which they managed to defeat a million Persian men with just 300.

Thousands of years later we STILL talk about them. This is how important they were.

It is said, this was only possible because King Leonidas had one purpose in his life. To defend Sparta against intruders.

This was his meaning. And with this meaning, impossible odds were suddenly possible.

YOU ARE King Leonidas.

The Persians are your life and the obstacles it throws you every day.

With the SPARTAN SUCCESS SYSTEM, it will be EASY to find your Purpose, build an army of 300 and defeat life's problems effortlessly every single day.

To find meaning in your existence on this planet.

The question is? Are you willing to die to find your purpose? (Not literally, relax)

The Spartan Success System lays out how Sparta created and built men who only knew how to conquer.

Teaching you how to master the mind, body, and spirit, creating the laser-focus you need to crush your goals.

The KING SPIRIT - 6-Week Create Your Kingdom SUPERCHARGER (usually $147)

Week #1 - Critical Observation

This week will largely be showing you how to think outside of yourself, and to imagine how others see you and go about their own lives, and how they even make excuses for their own lives…

Topics inside include:

  • The secret behind why people make excuses for their own failure…
  • How you can discover and neutralize limiting beliefs and find out where they came from…
  • The top three questions that help you dissect procrastination and self-sabotaging elements in others…
  • The secret to becoming mentally tough and resilient, and how you can develop a strict self-discipline in yourself…
  • The First Task!

Week #2 - Self Application

In this week, I’ll be showing you how you can begin to build up your discipline and mental resilience by embarking on your very own “Conquest” 

Topics include:

  • The three mental models that singlehandedly instill a sense of iron-hard discipline in yourself…
  • The reason for why all great men embarked on their own conquests…
  • How you can find the motivation in yourself to get things done even if you don’t feel like doing them…
  • The secret to making your bed “on fire” so you instantly get out of bed in the morning…

Week #3 - Crafting The King

In this week, we’ll crafting your ideal version of yourself, and the dangers you need to be aware of as you work toward this version of you…

Topics inside are:

  • Why chasing your goals are a waste of time and self-defeating…
  • How you can begin to model yourself after the ideal version of you…
  • Why you should “Kill the boy” and “let the King be born” so to speak…
  • The secret behind how comparing yourself to who you want to be will make you FAR more confident AND competent…

Week #4 - The Secrets of Self-Talk

During this week, we’ll go over how self-talk can shape your life, and why how you think will impact the kind of results you get in your life…


  • The truth about why successful and rich people are self-absorbed and self-aggrandizing…
  • Why how you talk to yourself can shape your reality, and why you should always talk kindly of yourself…
  • How thinking negatively will give you negative outcomes and negative results in yours day-to-day life, and may even be keeping you broke!
  • How you can observe your thinking patterns, and how by simply observing your thoughts can help you change your thinking positive…

Week #5 - Gratitude

In this week, we’ll be talking about how you can continually feel thankful and gracious for the things you DO have. Because if you constantly feel gratitude for what you have in life, you’ll always find a reason to be happy and feel motivated…

The main topics include:

  • The truth about how few people are actually rich, and why your situation in a first world country may not be so bad after all…
  • How you can recognize all the gifts you have around you, like high speed internet, fresh drinking water, and a paying job/shelter to live in…
  • A simple language trick that instantly makes you more gracious for the things you have and things you get to do throughout your day…
  • Why your problems are unique to you alone, and how nobody else gets to deal with the same problems as you…
  • How 99.97% of humans don’t actually have to worry about surviving to the next day, and how they just get to worry about dumb shit like internet beef or whatnot…

Week #6 - The “Video Game” View of Life

In the final week, we’ll go over how you can step outside of yourself and emotionally detach from outcomes and be far less bothered by emotions or risks, almost like a video game character!

Here’s the topics:

  • How you can step outside of yourself and your emotions without becoming a robot or “lacking emotions”
  • The secret to becoming more aware of your emotions and how you can become less affected by pointless drama or pesky anxiety…
  • Why (and how) you can detach yourself from time, and how you can make pleasurable moments last much longer…
  • How you can control yourself almost like you were playing a video game, and how you can level yourself up and begin to live your own life in the present…
  • How to detach yourself from time, and how you can stop worrying about things that might happen in the future…
  • How you can detach yourself from outcomes, and the secret to stop yourself from overthinking things and “participate” in the present moment…
  • The secret to giving yourself “good vibes”

You know what's funny?

This was just the start. After those 6 weeks, there are 5 more bonus videos on HOW to actually set up your Kingdom yourself.

It truly HAS IT ALL!

Each week, a new lesson of The Masculinity Formula will AUTOMATICALLY distributed to the email you use on Gumroad. They can also be found in the Gumroad Library and you can download them.

You get IMMEDIATE Access to the whole POWERFUL PURPOSE Course.

The King Spirit will be distributed weekly as well, starting on Week 2 (so you have time to work through the Purpose - Course)

The SubliminalClub Mastery will keep coming into your Inbox after that year.

You can still cancel at any time if you lost your mind and gone crazy. Because you will lose access to the bulk of what you paid for.

If you want to FINALLY be the man who has it all, because he UNDERSTANDS and has INTEGRATED the Laws of NATURE, then sign up now! (Can be cancelled anytime).

So SCROLL UP and click "Subscribe!"

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Man, Mind, Meaning - UNLEASH the Man Within!

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