The Masculinity Formula - 52 Lessons to be a Powerful Man!

Alexander Graves (selfconquering)
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Want To Come BACK To Your Primal Nature As A Man?

Do you feel like you're COMPLETELY removed from your Primal, Masculine self? Is there a man within you in a deep slumber? And you have no idea how to unleash him again?

The surface "man" you display every day is really not who you are? Or even want to be?

That is because you are not following the Code.

Nature has laws. A code.

You know men you look up to. But you don't know what exactly makes them so manly?

It's quite simple. They follow a code. Either told by their father or it comes naturally to them. That code does nothing more than showing them their SELF. Who they are deep down. And how to let that Primal Beast Fly!

I will be your mentor.

I will teach you the Cheat Code to the Matrix. The Cheat Code to being a Man.

The Masculinity Formula lays out PRECISELY what you need to do to be 100% in tune with yourself.

To get respect and admiration from women (where sex is just a byproduct, and lots of it). How to be successful in this world. How to be admired by peers and colleagues. The necessary mindsets to build your own business.

And what it takes to be absolutely comfortable with yourself. 

Society has lied to you for many years what a man actually is.

You can have a successful relationship as a Nice Guy (with boundaries), or the jerk, laying hotties. Who else judges this but you?

You can be successful working a 9-5 or be an entrepreneur. Who else judges what's right for you?

You can play videogames and still be successful (just be careful of addiction). Who else judges you about your hobbies?

You want to be Alpha?

Be YOURSELF. That IS the most Alpha you can be.

Unapologetically being yourself.

I have cracked the code.

After over five years of research in Masculinity and testing these things in my own life:

  • I managed to turn a dead bedroom around fully and got her to be even kinkier then when we started.
  • I built my own, successful business, helping thousands of men all over the world every day.
  • I harden my mind every single day.
  • Found my path to Spirituality, higher consciousness, and raising my vibration to ATTRACT things into my life effortlessly.
  • Thousands of Followers on Twitter, Youtube, Instagram. I lead by example!

And this is just the beginning.

The Masculinity Formula contains 52 POWERFUL lessons to understand:

  • Where society, peers, women, and even your own family lied to you (and WHY they did it (they cannot help it for a REASON))
  • "Do what everyone else does, get what everyone else gets." What are they getting? Sexless marriages, weak minds and no money. I tell you HOW to implement the opposite.
  • The biggest and most fundamental mistakes you are making with women and how to live a sex-filled, loving, and deep relationship with a submissive girl.
  • THE ONE thing that drives EVERYTHING in your life as a man. If you have this implemented, everything else is kindergarten level.
  • Why many things are not your fault and how to USE that for your desired outcome
  • How to USE your emotions to DIRECTLY influence reality instead of being used by them
  • How to USE your sexual energy for GREATNESS and transmutation into creativity instead of solely focusing on pussy all the time!
  • The absolute simple, but powerful "life-hack" to understand what women TRULY mean from a man's perspective
  • How to be unbreakable confident and in tune with your inner raging fire of your masculine soul.
  • How to find access to your HIGHER SELF and find powerful spirituality.
  • How to find your soul, your deeper self, your REAL personality you never show anyone (and how I know that ;) )
  • Why You are as you are as a man. Why you want the things you want (and why it's OK!)
  • How to get the success and freedom you desire (you already know how, I will show you)
  • And much, much more!

Here are the first 30 modules:

  • Obey Brutal Reality
  • Start to OBSERVE (Marcus Aurelius)
  • Does it light up your soul?
  • It's not your fault, but...
  • The Victim Puke
  • Bad things are Good, here's how...
  • Nofap, Semen Retention, and... why?
  • Nobody cares about you and that's good...
  • Money is not your goal
  • Move the Temple
  • Memento Mori.
  • Narcissism Lite.
  • Your Dark Side
  • How to integrate the Shadow
  • Heal the Boy
  • Resentment is your Fault
  • Who You Are is AWESOME
  • Forget sex... (sometimes)
  • What you REALLY want from sex
  • Overcome fear of your needs
  • The Man's Edge
  • Masculinity is Tension
  • Silence is a Superweapon
  • Are you Your Friend?
  • You Need to Know Your Limits
  • The Feminine is not your Mission
  • Fail Forward.
  • Solitude is power.
  • Overthinking paralyses.
  • And 22 more!

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19 ratings
  • 52 Powerful Lessons about the Code of Man and how to get everything you WANT in life as a man.

  • Series Length
    1 year / 52 Weeks
  • Format
    mp3 audio
  • Skill Level
    Beginner to Intermediate
  • 52 Powerful Lessons about the Code of Man and how to get everything you WANT in life as a man.
  • Series Length1 year / 52 Weeks
  • Formatmp3 audio
  • Skill LevelBeginner to Intermediate


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The Masculinity Formula - 52 Lessons to be a Powerful Man!

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