The Sound of Man - 52 Lessons of Positive Masculinity

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The Sound of Man - 52 Lessons of Positive Masculinity

selfconquering by Alexander Graves

Society not only removed Masculinity and labeled it "toxic,"

it also completely DISTORTED what it actually means.

If you want to remove something in its entirety from the public face, you need to distort it, so nobody knows what it actually does or means.

I started Selfconquering initially as a masculinity blog, with a side-dish of romance and sex.

As you may be aware, we are more than that these days.

However, the foundations still lie within your gender.

Business success, sex and romance success, family success, even spiritual success, first and foremost needs one basic foundation:

Healing Your Masculine Wounds.

Without that in place, you can forget to move on to higher goals.

Get your manhood in order first!

Initially, I sold this product for $100 and called it "The Masculinity Formula."

But this knowledge shall not be hidden behind a paywall.

Once you "buy" it for $0, you get access to a Google Drive Folder, where you find all 52 Audio Files to choose from (numbered in ascending order) and a PDF file with more info to solve these issues.

Download them, listen to em on your commute. Take action, and become WHOLE within yourself again.

What this NOT is

This is NOT a one-size-fits-all solution. I am not telling you what you SHOULD be. You wanna be a nice guy, enjoying Star Wars, and still get sloppy BJs? It is possible. But you gotta accept this part of you.

I will not make you a berserker that rules with the iron first.

I don't make you anything.

This is about understanding.

And healing.


Type in "0" and get it free!

I want this!
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