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GROUNDED - Subconsciously Driven Life Purpose

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GROUNDED - Subconsciously Driven Life Purpose

Alexander Graves

The Successor to the very successful Powerful Purpose Course (find more info and ratings on that here)

When I Discovered This Fascinating Tool, I Unlocked the Keys that turned me from Dreading life to ROCKING it!


Everyone talks about Life Purpose and how to get there. Hell I even had a course on that in the past.

That’s really nothing new.

But what everyone (including my former self) misses is the following harsh reality:

If you consciously choose a purpose, your current programming is making the choice.

Which means, you’ll end up with a “purpose” that is actually NOT your purpose.

Let me explain HOW to TRULY be yourself with a SUPER SIMPLE tool…

Why Are So Many Men Struggling to Find Their TRUE Purpose In Life?

Any man wants something to do that:

  • Wakes him up, eager to get going
  • Has an actual meaning to him and society
  • Changes the world for the better
  • Makes him a sh*tton of money to escape wage slavery
  • Gives him Relentless Drive and Unlimited Motivation
  • Makes working EASY and FUN
  • Makes it possible to sit on the death bed at some point and think "Yes, I made use of this life"

INSTEAD, we end up either working a filling-out-spreadsheets, absolutely irrelevant job that pays the bills…


we find a “purpose” with all these courses, but we still don’t achieve any of the mentioned benefits.

And the reason is because we all neglect one simple thing:

You Wield the Power to Bend Reality and SEE the Future. But you're not using it...

Your Subconscious mind is what creates your reality at all times. 

It drives 95% of our daily decisions.

(we’re not as rational as we think)

So far you’ve been using 5% of your CAPACITY to choose your “purpose.”

You didn’t even have all the info. Hell, you were missing MOST of the pieces of the puzzle to make an informed decision.

And even then, your subconscious is filled with programming from school (that just grooms you to be a wage slave), parents and their traumas, peers, ex-lovers and their issues, and TV, Social Media, etc.

But lucky for you (and me), 2 years ago I discovered a simple-to-use tool to UNDO false programming in your subconscious mind

and set it up for SUCCESS.

Just by listening to an MP3 File…

GROUNDED - Subconsciously Driven Life Purpose


With Subliminal Messaging you will finally find a purpose in life that gives you true fulfillment.

Joy, drive, spirit, and power.

It will remove false and hindering programming.

It will GUIDE you and show you where you need to go, what you need to do.

It is the most powerful quantum-science tool at our disposal!

And with GROUNDED, we combine both realms.

The Subliminal Messaging Program AND a quick, concise and powerful CONSCIOUS Course to MAKE USE of the revelations you gained from your subconscious…

… and HOW to do that.

Let Me Show You What's Inside

How to Use Subliminal Messaging

In the initial video, you’ll discover:

  • What Subliminal Messaging is and how it works
  • How to Get Revelation Of Mind (no, this is NOT part of the course, but VERY affordable!)
  • How it changed my entire life and business
  • Listening Schedule for the Sub to not make any mistakes
  • How it feels and how to notice changes in your subconscious
  • What to be Aware of (these are POWERFUL tools. not children's toys, be careful!)

The Spartan Success System

In the following videos you discover:

  • Why Your Efforts to Find Your Purpose have failed so far
  • How to consciously find a purpose while your subconscious is revealing things to you
  • Why the Purpose is so Necessary and what to be aware of
  • A Powerful Mindset Shift to finally get going!

Mindset Shifts and Mastery

These videos contain:

  • Powerful Mindset Shifts and Mindblowing realities to keep pushing
  • One YUGE mistakes you have been making so far with your purpose and/or business
  • How Your Purpose in Life can be VERY Hidden right infront of you and how to see it
  • How to Achieve Mastery in Your Domain
  • How to Monetize Your Purpose
  • How to Stay Focused on Your Path
  • How to Overcome Market Saturation

BONUS: Willpower and Motivation Modules

In these bonus modules you will learn:

  • How to Build Relentless Willpower
  • Lessons From History on Cultivating Willpower
  • How to Always have Drive and Motivation to Work on Your Purpose
  • A Habit Building Quick Start Guide
  • How to Establish and Enforce Boundaries For Working on Your Purpose
  • A Short, but Powerful Video that will FOREVER keep you motivated on Your Mission by the Great Charles Bukowski

About the Author

Hey, I am Alexander Graves. I live my Purpose every day. The REAL purpose.

As it turns out, finding your purpose is NOT just buying a random course. It takes bringing your WHOLE mind and soul into the picture. Once I did that, everything changed for me.

If you stick with me for a while, I’ll share with you everything I know about subliminal messaging, the subconscious mind, and your life purpose.


Is the Subliminal Program Within The Course?

No. Due to legal reasons I am not allowed to sell it this way. Yet, it is only $34. Hence why I discount my course so much!

Isn't this just woo-woo?

At this point, we have a pretty clear understanding of how the subconscious mind and even reality works. There are thousands of books you can read about it. No, this is ACTUAL science. You can read more about their science here.

Why Do I Need Your Course?

If you never ran a subliminal program, you likely have no idea how the subconscious mind communicates and how to see the revelations.

These are advanced tools.

My course helps you to resolve that and guides you along finding your purpose.

Will they Put Stuff in My Mind?

No. Some competitors do this (this is why you ONLY run subs from SubliminalClub!) but it’s very unethical and bad business.

It only asks your subconscious mind to try and test different things, and gives it motivation to do so. (This was grossly simplified, if you want to learn how they work, click here.)


Enjoying Life on a Daily Basis

Even after everything you’ve read about GROUNDED, you might still be on the fence.

So, you really have three options:

Option Number 1 is do nothing and keep coasting through your life without a purpose. Basically, tomorrow will be the same as today.

Option Number 2 is you get a random life purpose course out of the hundreds that exist out there and end up with the “purpose” that was GIVEN to you by society, peers, etc. that all have THEIR best interests in mind, but not yours.

So the only REAL option that’s left is Option Number 3, which is taking this MASSIVE quantum-science shortcut and finding your meaning in life with the help of your subconscious mind.

The choice is clear.

That’s why I urge you to get GROUNDED today.

You know what to do!


GROUNDED - Subconsciously Driven Life Purpose

  • The Complete Digital Edition
  • Subliminal Messaging Mastery
  • Spartan Success System For Your Purpose
  • Mindset Shifts and Mastery
  • Willpower and Motivation Bonus

Initially I wanted to sell it for $97. It' easily worth that.

But I want you to succeed.

So it is currently, for a limited time, discounted to $34!


You are fully protected by my 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t like my course over the next 30 days, then we will gladly refund your money.


SubliminalClub offers THE SAME 30-Day Money Back! There is genuinely zero risk for you.

PS.: Take action now. Are you ready? Will you go for it? Click the "I want this" to get instant access.

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