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The Bitcoin Saga: Tales from 1001 Blocks

Alexander Graves (selfconquering)
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Are you interested in investing in Bitcoin? Want to learn how it works? But you aren't sure if this whole Bitcoin thing is just a big scam?

And you might lose all your investment? Because it has no future anyway?

If your answer is YES, then this book is for you.

Bitcoin generally has a bad reputation. It's just used by terrorists to move untraceable money. Used by shady companies to launder money. It is way too volatile. And it's mostly used by weird IT nerds anyway.

So why should you invest your hard-earned money into this?

This is a key feature of The Bitcoin Saga™. I wrote this book to come clear with all these myths and sagas around Bitcoin. And on top of that I put actionable info into it on how to invest in the cryptocurrency market in a profitable way!

This book will arm you with the necessary tools to make money in this space. Simple and easy. This book is designed for beginners! If you already know everything about Bitcoin you should still buy it and give it to friends which don't! ;-)

I proudly present The Bitcoin Saga: Tales from 1001 Blocks™.

It's a very simple, fast and easy to understand guide on how to invest in Bitcoin. You will learn:

  • The current money. What's wrong with the existing hard cash? Why do we need a new currency?
  • Tales from 1001 Blocks. Learn the unfiltered truth about all the myths around Bitcoin & Co. Some of them are true and others stem from a magic lamp.
  • What is Bitcoin? Literally what Bitcoin is. How it works. What the Blockchain is and what it has to do with Bitcoin itself.
  • Digital crystal ball. We take a look in a crystal ball. How would the future with Bitcoin look like. Can it even be our future and what is possible with it.
  • Descendants. Bitcoin isn't the only cryptocurrency. There are a lot of other coins with which you can technically make even more money. In this chapter you will learn what the so-called altcoins are.
  • The poor man's David and Goliath. Traditional banks are fighting against Bitcoin & Co. But why do they care? Why are they afraid? Who will win this fight and what implications will this have for you?
  • Oldschool Bitcoin. Can we use Bitcoin in our current financial system? Is it worth it? Or do we really need to switch it completely?
  • Tax haven Bitcoin. You can ditch taxes by investing in Bitcoin. To some degree. But you have to be careful. This can backfire. Which is why you will learn in this chapter how to do it properly.
  • The 10 Commandments. I coined the 10 Commandments of a Cryptoinvestor in The Bitcoin Saga. These are 10 rules you should keep in mind and act upon when investing in this market. This chapter also contains actionable advise on how to start, where to start with Bitcoin and with how much. Trust me. $50 is enough. I explain how.
  • And much more...

This is the ultimate beginners book. It covers everything you need to know about Bitcoin and how to invest in it. Simple and usable.

This book might make you rich.

Get started with Bitcoin with just one click!

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  • A full summary on what Bitcoin is and how it works, easily explained. Plus how to invest in it.

  • Size
    10 MB
  • Length
    100 pages
  • The PIMP Plan
    Spreadsheet to set your finances up properly
  • A full summary on what Bitcoin is and how it works, easily explained. Plus how to invest in it.
  • Size10 MB
  • Length100 pages
  • The PIMP PlanSpreadsheet to set your finances up properly
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The Bitcoin Saga: Tales from 1001 Blocks

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